About the Collaborative

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Stuart Dykstra and James Adamson formed this collaborative in the mid-2000’s to bring the very best professional water services to Haiti.  Since then the team has expanded its work into other countries and have added key water engineering and geoscience professionals with a range of international water and economic development experience.  We are professionally and personally passionate about applying our expertise, as consultants and contractors, to economic development in emerging countries.

Based out of Chicago with team members from Michigan, Illinois, South Dakota, Arizona, Washington and Haiti, we travel regularly to a variety of countries. around the world including Haiti, Africa and South America.  We spend an average of 5-7 months per year performing field work in-country supporting  development efforts for Governments, Multilaterals, NGOs, Mining Companies, Industry and Communities.




Stuart Dykstra: Senior Vice President of Water, Environment & Natural Resources – V3

Stuart is a Principal hydrogeologist with extensive experience in the management of people and project teams composed of professionals with diverse specialties, including: civil engineering, planning, geology, ecology, water resource engineering, soil science, environmental science & engineering and archaeology.  He has won national awards for groundwater sourcing in developing countries and for reclamation of severely disturbed lands.

His professional concentration has been in hydrogeology, fluvial geomorphology, hydraulics and environmental services and has extensive experience managing and performing projects focused in water development, groundwater, surface water, disturbed lands restoration/reclamation, mining, stream restoration, wetlands, reservoirs, flood control, and radioactive waste disposal. Over the last 25 years he has worked for governments, NGOs, developers, manufacturers, mining, and conservation groups throughout North America, Canada, the Caribbean, and Africa.

James K. Adamson, PG, CPESC: Principal Geoscientist – Northwater, LLC

James is a geoscientist with internationally recognized expertise in water supply development, hydrogeology, geomorphology and environmental assessment.  He has experience working for governments, NGOs, resort/real-estate developments, industry, power, mining, forestry and agriculture throughout North America, Canada, the Caribbean, South America and Central Africa.

James has received national and state level professional awards for his project management and technical competencies. He is a board member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) and was recognized as Alumni of the Year at the University of Northern British Columbia.  A versatile professional, he has worked with a wide range of professionals and knows how to handle complex and challenging projects.  James has managed a wide-range of projects that range from complex groundwater exploration in developing countries, to water ordinance formulation, to dam removal/restoration to coastal natural hazard studies earthquake relief.

James has a working competency in Spanish and French.

Bob B. Khan P.E. Principal – American Infrastructure Technologies, LLC

Bob has over 20 years of engineering and management experience in municipal water and wastewater. He has designed, permitted and managed multi-million dollar engineering projects for a nationwide private utility company. His experience includes large water and wastewater utility operations involving engineering, SCADA, budgeting, finance, customer service, metering and other management functions. Bob has detailed knowledge of the interaction of different disciplines in utility operations and has worked with customer information systems and enterprise software to manage the utility operations. Bob is knowledgeable about water and wastewater quality rules and regulations. Bob has worked with different treatment technologies. Typical projects include new and replacement watermains, booster stations, wastewater plant expansions, SCADA system, sanitary system SSES program and rehabilitation, computer modeling of water and wastewater systems and regulatory compliance driven projects. Bob has managed a large Civil Engineering project in Saudi Arabia.

Bob is fluent in English and Urdu

David Holland, P.E, Water Resource Engineer – Northwater, LLC

Dave has extensive experience as a water and sanitation engineer in Haiti, working for NGOs, and in East Timor with the US Peace Corps. During his time in Haiti and East Timor, he assisted many communities with projects involving piped water supplies, rainwater catchments, well development, and compost and pit latrines. He also instructed small businesses in building public water and sanitation facilities.

He currently designs and manages the construction of municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities for communities and industry. As project engineer his responsibilities include performing design computations, working with the design team and equipment suppliers to create bid documents and supervising the construction of water and wastewater treatment projects.

Dave is fluent in both Kreyol and Tetum languages.

Eric Delva: Senior Engineer – V3

Eric has 28 years of experience as an engineer in water, wastewater and transportation – with the last 16 years at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. He has extensive and varied experience in the areas of environmental management and the program/project management and construction of water protection and treatment facilities. Prior to that, he worked several years in transportation and construction engineering, also for NYC. Eric recently was site manager for the rehabilitation of Port-au-Prince’s airport terminal which was extensively damaged in the 2010 earthquake. The site construction occurred 24 hours a day so that its reopening could be accomplished under a very tight deadline.

He served as both President and Vice President of the Association of Haitian and American Engineers (ADIHA).  Eric grew up in Saint-Marc Haiti and owned a business there for nearly a decade in the 1980’s. He has recently returned to Haiti and to work as V3’s Project Manager on water development projects for governments, multi-laterals, private clients and NGOs.

Eric’s first languages are French and Haitian Creole.

Neil Van Dine: Director – Haiti Outreach

Neil has over 20 years of experience living and working in Haiti.  Haiti Outreach employs over thirty Haitians integral to the operation of the organization. Neil has extensive experience assessing and evaluating water supply and sanitation conditions to design and construct effective water supply projects across Haiti. Neil’s philosophy is to design and implement rural water supply and sanitation systems that are self sustaining by the communities, this ultimately provides the communities with a social management framework that is beneficial to the communities beyond just water and sanitation.

Neil has been responsible for the oversight and drilling of over 1,500 water and irrigation wells across Haiti; he has also designed and constructed ram pump systems and spring cap & distribution systems throughout Haiti. Neil has also been responsible for the oversight of dozens of water resource availability surveys that are performed to guide water supply and sanitation project implementation.

Neil is fluent in Kreyol and has a working competency in Spanish.

Jeff H. Boeckler: Principal Water Resource Specialist / Environmental Planner – Northwater, LLC

Jeff has been a Water Resource Scientist/Planner and GIS specialist for over eight years working for government, water utilities, mining and industry. He has extensive experience in GIS analysis, watershed sciences, watershed planning, water quality and natural area restoration. Jeff works effectively with federal and regional government agencies, and has been responsible for managing a wide array of complex and challenging water resource projects.

Jeff has also worked with dozens of water and conservation organizations to help them secure project implementation funding and to also facilitate effective and mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with businesses and corporations.

Jeff has a working competency in Spanish and French

Jim Hasbrouck, PGp – Senior Geophysicist

Jim has worked with the IW.org team for over 6 years and has been key to groundwater successes throughout Haiti. He has experience in all aspects of exploration geophysics including: field operations; data reduction, processing, interpretation and research and development. He has extensive knowledge and experience in all major surface, airborne, and borehole geophysical methods including: refraction and reflection seismics; electromagnetics; electrical resistivity and induced polarization; gravity; magnetics; ground penetrating radar; radiometrics. He has applied his experience to projects for groundwater, engineering, environmental remediation, hazardous waste, minerals and hydrocarbon exploration.


        • Professional Geophysicist No. GP1026, State of California
        • OSHA 40-hr Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response + current 8-hr refresher
        • Society of Exploration Geophysicists
        • Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society
        • Denver Geophysical Society
        • National Ground Water Association

Jason Brink: Project Manager for Timmermans Environmental Services, Inc.

Jason is a Licensed Professional Geologist and has worked in the U.S., South America, and Antarctica. He is also beginning to work in East Africa on water projects. His work with NGOs in South America and East Africa is providing consulting on rainwater catchment; soil science; water filtration and purification; and the drilling of water wells using technologically appropriate methods. He also has experience in surface and borehole geophysical data collection, analysis, seismic profile interpretation, and geophysics data management.

In the U.S. he performs environmental investigations, remediation projects, and environmental due diligence and has consulted to exploration companies for the subsurface mapping and structural analysis of subsurface environments. Jason also has experience in climate change analysis, modeling of sedimentary environments and in performing rock-fall hazard evaluations.

Javan Miner: Haiti In-Country Project Manager – V3

Javan is a Geophysicist currently working on a graduate water engineering degree. He spent 9 months in Haiti in 2011 as V3’s in-country manager for water services.  Over that time, he managed water well rehabilitation and community animation for water supplies and performed geophysical surveys. He is experienced in well construction and infrastructure, aquifer testing, water program implementation as well as management of Haitian staff and office operations.

Javan is fluent in Kreyol.