Geophysics at Fort Jacques, Haiti

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The team recently was hired to perform a geophysics survey at an elevation of 1280 meter near the old colonial fort to assess if there may be a deep groundwater source for NGO client.  Nine survey points were collected across the property and will be analyzed when we get back to the states.

Groundwater Study Done For Bayaka Pygmies in Central African Republic

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Stuart and James just completed a study and investigation to support water supply development for the displaced Bayaka Pygmies in the Southwest corner of the Central African Republic.  CHARITY: WATER and Integrated Community Development International (ICDI) are kicking off their September fall fundraising campaign to raise $1.7M for new water supplies for the Bayaka .  Their September campaign features a live […]

Northwest Haiti Trip Planned

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James Adamson will be heading to northwest Haiti near Jean Rabel with the Nouveau Kiskeya Foundation to provide assistance with an irrigation project.

Earthquake Relief Efforts

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We were down in Haiti during the earthquake and spent nearly a month down there helping Haiti Outreach and the Haitian Government with water relief efforts.  

La Gonave Geology & Hydrogeology Mapping Completed

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We finally completed our geology and hydrogeology map of La Gonave for Haiti Outreach and DINEPA.  It is the product of nearly two years of work and over a month of field time on the island.  The map identifies the aquifers of the island and recommended drilling locations for water supply development efforts.

Gonaives Irrigation Well Rehabilitation

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We have been working with Haiti Outreach and IOM fixing and rehabilitating many large irrigation wells in the Gonaives area.  Stuart Dykstra spent nearly two weeks on the project working along side Neil Van Dine and Jim Kirzeder of Haiti Outreach.  V3 designed and manufactured the well heads out of our shop.

Groundwater Geophysics Trip Planned to Fort Jacques & Port au Prince

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James Adamson and Javan Miner will be in Fort Jacques and Port au Prince applying CSAMT/MT geophysics to characterize deep groundwater conditions and site drilling locations.  The trip is scheduled for the end of May.