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Hydrology & Geophysics

  • La Gonave Geology & Hydrogeology Reconnaissance & Mapping
  • La Gonave Well Drilling Recommendations
  • Pique Mabey Groundwater Study and Geophysics
  • Lotorre Area Community Mapping and GIS
  • Lotorre Area Groundwater Geophysics Investigation
  • Nan Mapou Geology and Groundwater Investigation
  • Central Plateau Geology and Hydrogeology Study and Mapping
  • Thomassique Area Groundwater Investigation and Recommended Drilling Locations
  • Northern Gonaives Groundwater Study and Well Drilling Specifications
  • Fond Parisien Groundwater Study and Well Drilling Specifications
  • Beauchamp Groundwater Study and Well Drilling Specifications (Northwest Haiti)
  • Milot Hospital Water Supply Feasibility Study and Well Recommendations
  • St. Michel Geophysical Survey
  • Fort Jacques Geophysical Surveys I/II
  • Port-au-Prince Hotel Water Supply Assessment
  • Gonaives Housing Complex Water Supply Geophysical Survey
  • Raymond, Haiti Rapid Spatial Hydrogeologic Assessment
  • Mare Rouge Geophysical Survey
  • Jacmel Groundwater Reconnaissance
  • Babaco, Haiti Rapid Spatial Hydrogeologic Assessment
  • Baie de Moustiques Irrigation Water Supply
  • Pointe au Raquette Groundwater & Geophysics Study

Water Systems Engineering & Well Rehabilitation

  • Nouveau Kiskeya Resort Development – Water Supply Exploration & Development
  • Cité Soleil Water Supply Feasibility & Preliminary RO System/Water Station Design
  • Engineering & Sustainability Evaluation of Existing Water Supplies on La Gonave
  • La Gonave Solar Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant Rehabilitation
  • Gressier Rural Water Intervention Assessment & Feasibility
  • Pignon Water Supply
  • San Raphaël Water Supply System Design And Construction
  • La Victoire Water Supply Design Review
  • Cabaret Water System Feasibility
  • Grand Goave Water Supply Rehabilitation Assessment
  • Gonaives Irrigation Well Rehabilitation, Phase I/II/III

Hazard Mitigation, Environmental, Civil Engineering & Misc.

  • Lacoma 12 km Roadway Design/Build
  • Gross Bassin Flood Hazard Study and Modeling
  • NK Boundary Survey
  • NK Port Feasibility Study
  • Port-a-L’ecu EA/EIS
  • Lacoma Aggregate Mine Prospecting & Feasibility
  • Montrouis Travertine Mine Assessment
  • Lacoma Valley Hazard Assessment