Water Wells in Bolivia

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Jason Brink of our team returned recently from developing water supplies in Bolivia.  In portions of Bolivia desert conditions or a lack of rain in mountainous regions can lead to a shortage of potable water. In other areas of the country water from springs or rivers is a great distance from villagers’ homes.  Village women […]

Geophysics Study in Mare Rouge, Haiti

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The team spent last week in the high mountains of Northwest Haiti looking for groundwater for a school in Mare Rouge. The data is now being analyzed and we will be issuing a report highlighting the probabilities and potential target zones soon. We were able to enjoy a little bit of Carnival in the evening […]

Potable Water Supply Feasibility Analysis for Gressier

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Northwater with field assistance by V3 recently completed a potable water supply feasibility analysis for the rural mountains south of Gressier.  The study was commissioned to characterize the water conditions for selected communities that have not already  been assessed, and to provide options and recommendations to be considered for improving water availability in the selected areas.  Recommendations included alternatives […]

Water Supply for Cite Soleil, Haiti

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The team is finishing up a feasibility study of a water station for Cite Soleil.  The following is our client’s news release about the project: ” V3’s scope includes the evaluation of options and alternatives available to provide a reliable, clean and safe water supply to help meet the needs of the community of Cite Soleil. […]

Geophysics at Fort Jacques, Haiti

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The team recently was hired to perform a geophysics survey at an elevation of 1280 meter near the old colonial fort to assess if there may be a deep groundwater source for NGO client.  Nine survey points were collected across the property and will be analyzed when we get back to the states.

Cholera creeping onto La Gonave

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There have been many recent cases of Cholera on La Gonave and our permanent presence on the island is helping in small ways.  In Pointe a Racquette we are working with partners to help establish a water system for the community that is beginning to have cases of cholera.  We are also on fast-track on […]

Groundwater Study Done For Bayaka Pygmies in Central African Republic

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Stuart and James just completed a study and investigation to support water supply development for the displaced Bayaka Pygmies in the Southwest corner of the Central African Republic.  CHARITY: WATER and Integrated Community Development International (ICDI) are kicking off their September fall fundraising campaign to raise $1.7M for new water supplies for the Bayaka .  Their September campaign features a live […]

IDB / DINEPA Groundwater Project on La Gonave Kicked Off

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V3 and Haiti Outreach will be working on an IDB funded water supply development project on the island of La Gonave. This includes a full-time presence on the island for nearly eight months!  We have officially mobilized and have started work. The work includes water well testing, well rehabilitation, aquifer analysis, community development and establishment […]

Groundwater Exploration for God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage

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We are currently in Fort Jacques, high in the mountains south of Port au Prince applying CSAMT/MT geophysics to help develop an understanding of the groundwater conditions here. We are currently investigating the groundwater potential at the new God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage property. We will also be performing soundings to help several communities in the […]

Possible Water Resource Development Study for La Tortue

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We are currently putting together a study scope to characterize the water resources of the island of la Tortue.  This will include a groundwater and surface water resource inventory and recommendations for future water supply development and long-term sustainability. The island of La Tortue is located off the north coast of Haiti’s main land and […]