Stuart and James just completed a study and investigation to support water supply development for the displaced Bayaka Pygmies in the Southwest corner of the Central African Republic.  CHARITY: WATER and Integrated Community Development International (ICDI) are kicking off their September fall fundraising campaign to raise $1.7M for new water supplies for the Bayaka .  Their September campaign features a live broadcasting of the well drilling.  This time they will be drilling with our help.

They contacted us over a month ago to help them with this project because this area of the CAR is perhaps the most challenging location in the country to find groundwater.  They have had two dry holes near the site already (100′ and 500′).  We believe the aquifer to be a Precambrian aged layer of sandstone.  The problem is that this rock layer doesn’t exist everywhere and where it does, the depth to it varies significantly from one area to another.  If it is there, it is going to be very deep and we only have the capacity to drill to a 700 foot hole.

Please consider supporting this great cause and visit the live broadcast, learn about the Bayaka and make a contribution; the website url is  We thank Scott Harrison and Jim Hocking for their leadership in this great and challenging endeavor.

If they do have a dry hole, all isn’t lost.  These funds will hopefully provide for a 60-well drilling program in which we hope to help charity:water and ICDI maximize the success of the program.

Geologic Interpretation of the Drilling Area

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